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Mail call: More restaurants of the past from a loyal reader

I realize we’ve done a lot this week with both restaurants and memories, but don’t forget, I’m trying to clear out the ol’ inbox, so things might be slightly “out of balance” for a while. That said, I’m sure if so many people are writing to tell me about their restaurant memories, then hopefully a lot of people are interested in reading about them as well.

Today’s letter comes from my friend Betsy Baird, who shared her memories of some downtown businesses in this post from about two weeks ago.

Today, I’m going to share a letter from Betsy about some restaurant memories. And my next job will be to make sure all of these are listed in our stores and restaurants of the past directory!

She writes, “You mentioned in some blog, about the Monkey Bar. That was aside of the old York Penn Hotel, The dining room in back had monkeys painted on walls. They were all shown with clothes on and were humorous. H. Leopold, an artist in York at the time, and my art teacher, painted them. This was around the 1960’s, and had previously been a newsstand. The place had good food to go with those monkeys! Think Len …. (forget last name) had the place then. What I would like to know: Did they try to preserve those monkey paintings, or let them go to rubble when they tore the building down? York wouldn’t save anything decent at that time!”

Betsy continues, “Aside of the Monkey Bar was the York Diner. The York Diner moved to East York, to around where East Market St. and Memory Lane met. This was when they were building the Caterpillar ~ 1952-53. Memory Lane was being built at the same time and later changed it course to directly meet Haines Rd. My Father was working on that construction project, so I know about where it was. Then, it moved to a spot in front of Playland It went downhill after that Pictures I have of them digging up the land along Whiteford Rd, facing toward Market St, show hardly anything facing Market St. The Cat and York County Shopping Center set the ball rolling for the great growth of East York as a whole!”

Continuing, Betsy adds, “Moving on, who all remembers the great Lincoln Woods? Now Fat Daddy’s, on East Market St. Fat Daddy’s which used to be on Belmont St., where the Flamingo was. (Another good, expensive place in its day!) That Lincoln Woods wasn’t cheap, but had among the best food in York. And the food was worth it!! The shad Mother & I had was full of bones, but was so good, we didn’t say anything till finished with it. Since it was supposed to be boneless, they wouldn’t make her pay one cent! LoPicollo was chief cook at the time. Think Griffith was the owner. After he sold out, the place couldn’t keep up with its past reputation. Right near the Lincoln Woods was Hap Miller’s. This was where Weis now stands. ‘Hap’ certainly had good, albeit expensive, food, also. A postcard shows him holding some kind of rack of ribs!”

The final business Betsy lists: “Who can remember Fisher’s Restaurant on corner of W. Princess & S. Penn St.? … I forget what Mother & Dad liked best, but I really liked their ham sandwiches. They later sold the place and built a new one on Carlisle Rd., now Alexander’s, just above the Fairgrounds.” (As I’m a fan of the current Alexander’s – whose yummy burger is pictured here – but didn’t know that, I thought this was pretty cool!)

And Betsy concludes, “Well, Joan, there are some other places I cannot think of right now. Think this is enough to keep you busy for awhile! I just wish there were still more decent places to eat at, without all these franchise and fast food places!!”

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