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Mail call: More on Besser’s in southern York County

I’d asked before about memories of Besser’s on the old Susquehanna Trail in southern York County.

Well, since then, I’ve heard a little about some, well, let’s just say “wink-wink-nudge-nudge” memories; let’s just say Besser’s was not always a subject of PG-rated recollections.

Anyway, I got a fun letter on the “family” side of Besser’s recently from Nettie Delozier of Codorus Township.

Nettie writes, “A few weeks ago I smiled when I read your column about Besser’s in S.Y. County. I was a child in the 1950s and I don’t know much about the things that went on in the cabins, but I did hear adults whispering about it! However I just loved going in to the restaurant where there was all kinds of things for sale that I didn’t see anywhere else. I had never saw giant lollipops that would last almost forever, jewelry, toys, you name it.”

She continues, “Now when I go into Cracker Barrel, I feel like I’m in Besser’s again. No one else likely compares them, but something in me feels that way. I told my husband about it one day, that Cracker Barrel reminded me of my childhood memories of Besser’s. I didn’t go often, but have good memories. And that’s from the 1950s to early ’60s I guess? It seemed like they had a fire or started over again in the 1980s, but it was more of a restaurant than a travel stop like before.”

And Nettie concludes, “Next to Besser’s, the Old Trail Veterinarian used to be the Drive Inn that was very popular as I’m sure someone has informed you on that.”

That one I hadn’t heard of, Nettie, so thank you so much for sharing, and for your comparison that helps bring alive the image of Besser’s for me!

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