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Mail call: More memories of the White Swan

Another letter today from a fun reader about the White Swan, which you might remember from a June post and again back in May.

Today’s letter comes from Alyce Suereth of Manchester Township, a former White Swan employee.

Alyce writes, “I read your column on the White Swan. That brought back memories. I worked there in the late 40s… I can remember that the station to have, that got the most cards and thus the most tips, was the one toward York. The most experienced girls got that job… There were 5 of us girls that worked curb service. We also all had to stay after hours and help to clean up. But it was a fun job and we all got along great and became good friends. Mrs. Martin was great to work for.”

She continued, “I was not going to tell you a story about my first experience, but decided I had to… I took their order – milkshakes – but when I went to fasten the tray onto their open window – the shakes slid off the tray, but they were very nice about it. I got towels to help them dry off and (the owner) gave them new milkshakes (no charge) and didn’t fire me. (I can’t remember if I got a tip.)… I became very good at my job, and even got to work the York side.”

Alyce, I’m so glad you shared this letter with us! I can only imagine – I am a notorious klutz and food service was rough for me at first as well, and that was WITHOUT having to clip food onto a car window!

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