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Mail call: Memories of Schiding’s Service Store

Today’s letter came in response to this August post on former businesses gleaned from ads in a 1947 cookbook put out by Christ Lutheran Church of York.

Well, among those businesses listed John L. R. Schiding’s Yorktowne Service Store (“We Deliver”), 201 E. Cottage Place, York. And that’s what today’s letter is about.

Barbara Brown writes, “I’m a 1947 war baby and went to Christ Lutheran Church. Can’t recall the cookbook, but I am Barbara Ann (Schiding) Senft Brown, granddaughter of Mary and Big John Schiding. And as a kid, I never realized their store had a name. Just that it was where Na-Na and Pa-Pa lived upstairs. We lived halfway up the block at 232 E. Cottage (Place) Ave. Enclosed a pic of much younger me and the Easter Bunnies. … Thanks for the memories!”

Here’s that photo of Barbara:

Barbara Brown at her grandparents' store

Barbara, thanks for sharing – that’s an awesome picture and I’m so glad to hear a bit more about Schiding’s!

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