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Mail call: Memories of Peoples Drug

A quick dip into the inbox today, to talk about a store of the past we’ve only mentioned in passing before.

This letter comes from Shirley Pilkerton of the Manchester area. She writes, “Unless I missed it, I saw no mention of one great place that was on the corner of Continental Square. It is Peoples Drug Store. There was also one at the corner of Beaver St and W Market St across from Jacks Department Store. I worked at the one on the square in 1954 and 1955 while I was going to William Penn Senior High. The manager was Mr Moore and he was also the pharmacist. There was a soda fountain/snack bar where I was employed. There were great soup and sandwiches as well as the best sundaes and root beer floats that you could find. Coffee was 10 cents a cup. I earned 67 cents an hour as part time help!!! It was a great part of my early youth.”

June Lloyd had talked on her Universal York blog about this store last year.

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