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Mail call: Memories of Bud’s Drive-In

Back in July, I shared a plethora of city memories from Greg Halpin, including some about Bud’s Drive-In.

Greg had written, “This was on South George Street on the west side beyond Tyler Run Road about half-way up that hill. I can remember two things specifically about the restaurant … one, was the telephone handset at each table where you ‘phoned in’ your order to the kitchen one when you were ready. You never saw a server at your table until you placed your order. They also had these small, round deep fried dinner rolls that I’m sure were cholesterol laden, but who knew back then … they were delicious!” He also mentioned hearing that the restaurant had exploded under what “was suspected to be as the result of the owner failing to pay a debt to some unforgiving person or persons.” Greg also mentioned he thought the restaurant reopened with a different name and different food in the Longstown area later.

Well, the cool thing about memories is, everyone has some; the hard part is sometimes figuring out how different memories fit together, and that’s why I always am glad to get notes sharing “the rest of the story” on places such as Bud’s.

Today’s letter comes from Gregg Markey of York, the son of Bud Markey, owner of Bud’s Drive-In.

Gregg writes of Bud, “He owned the restaurant from 1958-1974, having bought it when it was an ice cream parlor owned by the Fitz Brothers. We did have the red phones at each table. My father and I installed them into each booth ourselves. But some of the other facts … were off-base. My parents sold the drive-in to a man named John Kramer. … The restaurant exploded nearly a year and a half after we sold it. Kramer had turned it into a bar,” Gregg said, which was against his parents’ wishes.

His dad later went on to become the manager of Elby’s on Memory Lane, which Gregg said opened in late 1974. Then, to follow up with Greg H.’s earlier point, Gregg said, “On Jan. 26, 1978, he opened ‘Bud Markey’s Family Restaurant’ on Longstown Road. It was a very popular family style dining establishment (the kind you rarely see these days). Later he had to sell it (it closed on 1/25/84). It is now known as ‘Meadow Hill Restaurant’ or something like that.”

Gregg, thanks for clearing up those ownership changes and dates! Like I said, it’s neat to be able to fit memories together; sort of like a jigsaw puzzle. Thanks for sharing yours.

Anyone else have memories of either of Bud’s restaurants to share?

2 comments on “Mail call: Memories of Bud’s Drive-In

  1. I used to go there with my mom in the late sixties, early seventies and have BBQ pork sandwiches, then go down the hill and play miniature golf. I’ve often thought about Bud’s and have such fond memories of it. This brought a tear to my eye, thank you for sharing.

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