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Mail call: Memories and a fun photo of those Gregory’s neckties

Gregory's Menswear used to provide, for new fathers, neckties that said either It's a Boy or It's a Girl. These are the envelopes in which the ties were sent to Barb Ellis' family in 1952 and 1956.

Today’s letter comes from Barb Ellis of Spring Grove.

Barb says she likes reading about “the good old days” and added she will be 80 years old come March. She writes, “Saw … about the ties from Gregory’s Mens(wear) and remembered I had two of them. One for a son in 1952 and one for a girl in 1956. I am sending of picture of them plus one of the envelopes they were sent in. (Note the 2 cent stamps.)”

Barb, thank you so much! I had been wanting to see those, as had many other readers.

These were the neckties sent by Gregory's Menswear to new parents.

See more about Gregory’s here!

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