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Mail call: Kauffman’s Art Shop memories

Back when I shared business memories gleaned from ads in a 1947 cookbook, I mentioned, among them, Kauffman’s Art Shop.

That shop is the topic of some memories today in a letter from Jean Overmiller of East Prospect.

Jean writes, “A quick note about Kauffman’s Art Shop as I can remember. It started out on 6-8 N. Beaver St. in Downtown York. Then it moved to West King Street, and from there it moved to W. Market Street close to Archie K. May the Jeweler.”

That jeweler, by the way, was also featured in the ads in the same cookbook; at the time, its ad read: “Archie K. May (‘The Jeweler – Where gems and gold are fairly sold’), 626 W. Market St., York.” In the cookbook, the ad for Kauffman’s read: “Kauffman’s Art Shop (‘The Art Shop of Quality – Fancy Pictures and Picture Framing a Specialty – Artist’s Supplies’),” and no address was given.

At any rate, Jean continues about Kauffman’s, “First my grandfather had it. His name was John F. Kauffman. Then my dad and brother in law had it and then my brother in law and my husband had it until my brother in law left it. Then my husband and I had it until it was sold. My brother in law was Donald Martin. Then my husband was John Overmiller. But everyone died except me.”

Jean, while your last line of course made me sad – I’m sorry for the loss of your family members – I am very happy you were able to tell us more about Kauffman’s. It sounds like a great place and we’re glad your family was a part of York’s business history!

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  1. I have a photo of the label of Kauffman’s Art Shop from the back of a piece of art that was dated 1927. The label is different from the red one shown in your article. It is a black and white label and says 14 Beaver N. St., York, PA.

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