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Mail call: Drive-in memories from Bill Unger

Today’s letter comes from William “Bill” Unger of Shrewsbury, who wrote to me earlier this month with some memories of various drive-ins around York County.

Bill writes, “In 1955 I was a student at Susquehannock High School, in the 10th grade, I had a part time job @ $14.00/week, bought my first car, and spent all my free time “on the road” with my best friend Larry Leppo, who is now an artist and signmaker in Hanover. I remember the Fitz Drive-in well. Best subs and the prettiest girls around.”

He continues that at that time, there were “No pizza parlors in York yet. We had to go to Balt. for that. In 1956 I transferred my attention to A&W Drive-in in Hanover and joined the Hanover Rod & Custom Club. … In 1956 I traded cars and moved up to a 4-year-old Chevy, still in high school, and in 1957 I traded up to a 1-year-old Chev. and graduated from high school. As you can see I’ve been around for a while!”

Bill, I’m glad you have been – and I love hearing about those cars and those restaurants! Anyone else remember the A&W Drive-in or Fitz Bros. Drive-in?

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