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Life on other planets, as observed from Red Lion?

I love it when I find mentions of York County in other media online, and this one that I found recently is especially cool.
This column by Roger Simon with Creators Syndicate mentions Red Lion in an unusual way. Simon talked to J. Allen Hynek, a respected astronomy professor at Northwestern University. Hynek was technical adviser to the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” and was also the inventor of the same phrase.
Well, Simon writes, “Hynek sent me the report of a woman in Red Lion, Pa., who ‘noticed a structure the size of a ranch house about 200 yards distant.’ If I saw such a thing, my first reaction would have been: ‘Hey, there’s a ranch house out there!’ But, no, the woman was convinced it was a space ship because two hours later ‘the structure was gone without a trace.’ Wow! I mean talk about not keeping up with your mortgage payments.”
Funny, to be sure. But it brings up a good poll question that I’m sure will draw a spirited debate! When I asked you around Halloween if you believed in ghosts, 65 percent of you said you did.
So, in the same vein…

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