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Library card memories from Joann Hano

You guys know how much we love libraries and books, right? Well, this image from reader Joann Hano, then, is of course really cool to me.

She writes, “I had an interesting day (in 2011) at the Martin Memorial Library. After getting an iPad, I wanted to be able to get ebooks to download. However, I didn’t have an up to date library card. Digging into my ‘old things drawer’ I found this old card dated 1983. It probably had been taken out in 1977, because in those days you renewed every 5 years.”

She continued, “Well, when I approached the main desk, the librarians got all excited and called all the employees to come see this interesting piece of York history. One woman remarked, ‘I saw one of those when I was a young girl.’ Another said, ‘I have never seen one of these. This belongs in the archives.'”

And she concludes, “Notice the 5 cents a day penalty for late books, but then everything WAS cheaper! Also, the metal piece that was run through a machine with purple ink. I’m sure many of your Remember York readers will enjoy seeing this and remembering going to Martin Memorial as children.”

Meanwhile, I was at the New Salem antique shop¬†on a recent Sunday and came across this incredibly common Martin Library postcard, one that probably would be passed over by a serious collector, and I figured, hey, I’m writing about Joann’s library card; I mise-well get this and share it!

Joann had also mentioned the loss of the massive wood card-catalog drawers at the library, since now everything is computerized! I remember those from childhood – and I kind of miss them too! They had this smell and feel that just said “library” to me!

Joann, many thanks for sharing – would love to hear more library memories!

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