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Just say whoopie!

As in “whoopie pie,” that is.

I’ve been wanting to write about these local treats for a while now. Last week, the Friends of the Collinsviile Library sold them as part of a “Pi Day” fundraiser (Pi Day being March 14th, celebrating famous math figure Pi, 3.14159…)

Their flavors included chocolate, pumpkin or red velvet cakes with a choice of fillings. In our picture above, which is from 2001, a little girl takes a big bite out of a traditional chocolate-with-white-filling whoopie pie while waiting for the York Halloween Parade to pass through the square.

You can get these many places, including Brown’s.

Wikipedia’s whoopie pie page is a little sparse, but at least it exists. What’s Cooking America has a much more thorough site, tracing the treat to Lancaster County’s Amish and even providing a recipe.

And – the best part – there’s a Whoopie Pie Festival each fall at Hershey Farm in Strasburg – I’m DEFINITELY game for that one.

I couldn’t believe how much info there was to be had on these. But I’m going to keep my questions to you simple. What’s the best cake type? Best filling type? Best place to get whoopie pies?

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