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Joan with some signs on a big drive

Back on Feb. 16, Chris and I took a BIG drive around southern York County. Other than the part where we were sent by GPS down an ice-covered unpaved road with no guardrails that almost sent us flying off a cliff, and in which we thought we might not make it, it was actually super-fun!

I have some blog posts coming in the next few weeks about some of the particular sights we saw. But something I was waiting to show you – until the “Ask Joan” campaign officially launched – was part of what we were doing, which was taking pictures of me with road signs. Yep, you read that right.

Me. With road signs. Like the ones above.

If you live in the area, be watching the print edition of the Daily Record/Sunday News and the Weekly Record; in some print ads about “Ask Joan,” we’re featuring some photos like this, mostly taken by our marketing department photographer, Sue. The trip my husband and I took was to try to supplement some of those, and we had a blast!

Be watching this blog, too. You might see some of these photos – and more – making an appearance in an occasional series I’m starting later this year. One tied to some special places in York County, and some things YOU can do to enjoy this awesome place we live.

I can’t wait! I’ve been cooped up indoors way too much this winter, and the blog has reflected that. No fun photos of “stuff Joan does.” Well, the wait is about over – “weather” or not the temperature cooperates, I’m ready to get out and explore York County. You guys ready to come along for the ride?

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