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Joan goes to the fair: Hypnosis, potted plants and more carbs than you can shake a stick at

For the first time in many, many years, I made it to opening day of the York Fair. My mom, Sarah and I headed out Friday after school to see how Sarah’s 4-H projects “fared at the fair!”

Here’s her terrarium on display in Horticultural Hall:

No prize, but that’s OK! The only terrariums that won were the non-enclosed kind, and she DID get a blue ribbon on this at the 4-H fair held in August. She also had a Wildlife Watchers club scrapbook that she entered; no ribbon here for that, either, but I didn’t take a photo because someone else’s blue ribbon was laying over top it, and it was kind of confusing! (That took a gold ribbon at the 4-H fair.)

While we were there, we had dinner – the above-mentioned “more carbs than you can shake a stick at.” Bricker’s French Fries and chicken tenders combo for Sarah; mom and I had the Jaycees’ famous baked potatoes. We both got butter, cheese and bacon; I also added jalapenos.

Also eaten by me and not pictured: Lola’s hot waffles (carbs!) and ice cream. While eating that, I ran into my doctor. Oops.
The final highlight for me that evening were the performances in the dining pavilion. First, “Memory Music” did a review of some ’40s, ’50s and ’60s tunes that was great; even Sarah loved them, especially their Elvis impersonation!

During our eventful evening, we stumbled upon something that had always intrigued me – an engaging hypnosis stage show presented by the talented hypnotist Tammy Harris Barton. Much to my surprise, I found myself being chosen to participate on stage and experience the wonders of hypnosis firsthand! (Check out the snapshot on the right; I’m the second person from the right in the black shirt. Tammy was inquiring about our nerves!) It was a fascinating encounter with hypnosis, an experience that made me curious about exploring more about hypnosis online.

It was pretty neat. I didn’t know what to expect, but it was very relaxing and really quite similar to relaxation therapy – your feet are getting heavy; your knees are getting heavy; etc. I didn’t seem to get very relaxed, though, so about halfway through, me and some of the other folks headed off-stage to watch the rest of the show. It was definitely cool, and my daughter REALLY loved some of the things she was able to get people to do! (Nothing embarassing or even mildly objectionable, don’t worry!)

And the coolest thing is, both those shows take place nightly, so not only can you still catch them, I can see them again when I return to the fair on CLOSING night next Sunday!

Memory Music is at 7 p.m. in the dining hall each evening; Tammy Harris Barton is at 6 and 8 p.m., same place. Come early to get a good seat and if you catch either act, let me know what you think!

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