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Joan goes to the fair: Demolition derby, sad rodents and even more carbs

My two fair visits this year fell on the opening and closing days; kind of a neat experience. One of these years, I’m going to show up for the $8-an-hour “help us tear down” event.

Sunday’s visit was a lot of fun; this time, it was my husband, Sarah and I; my mom, who had gone while my husband was working last Friday, was out with friends.

The slideshow below shows some of our highlights. More carbs, in the form of chips and also waffles; a neat look at some of the rides; and the award-winning cakes, which were pretty awesome.

Our big reason for going yesterday was the demolition derby. It was the second derby for Chris and me; it was Sarah’s third, as she’d gone to the fair’s event last year with friends. We loved it! Yes, I might be a little bit country, or redneck, or “hick,” as my friend April calls it, but whatever you say about my rural-style roots, it was FUN.

Not as fun was our view of the fair’s rodents. Not only did we see a very sad cavy (you can see him in the slideshow) who was labeled “unworthy of award,” poor guy, but we gave Sarah a dollar to go see “the world’s largest rat,” aka “Rat-Zilla,” aka a capybara. Chris wanted to rescue the poor thing, which Sarah said looked sad. I think maybe he was sad because the CD playing to promote his exhibit just kept saying, over and over and over, “The rat. The rat. The world’s LARGEST rat. The rat. The rat. The rat.”

I’d want to escape too, if I heard that for days on end!

So that’s it for another year of the fair; it was fun, but tiring! (I’m sure I’m not as beat as Damond Bear, the “mechanical man” with Santillo’s. That’s GOT to be a tiring job!)

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