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A look at Joan’s Valentines

As some of you know, I work primarily outside the office for the YDR; I come in once a week to do some in-office tasks and, of course, pick up my mail!

Well, last night, my husband told me there was a really neat-looking pile of mail on my desk awaiting my arrival. And when I came in today… well, I felt like I had a big pile of Valentine’s Day greetings to open; it even included some “Valentine flowers” – in the form of some orchid photos from a loyal reader!

Joan's Valentine's Day letters from readers

Yes, and they’re all blog submissions that came since last Wednesday via postal mail! Guess I better not take a week off sick from posting again any time soon, huh? LOTS of submissions to catch up on, even before that… and then there are the emails!

Don’t let my overwhelmed-ness fool you… I LOVE IT! Keep the letters coming, and I’ll work harder to keep the blogging coming in return!

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