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In defense of scrapple

My husband, Chris, must not read my blog very often, because he loves scrapple but didn’t jump to its defense after my somewhat critical post on the mixed meat.

His sister, though, certainly did! Adriane says:

I will defend our beloved Scrapple to my dying day!! People are ‘afraid’ of scrapple, because it is assumed that the ‘scraps’ are swept off the butcher room floor or are taken from the tails, toes or ears of the swine. NOT SO! The ‘scraps’ are merely the ppieces of meat so small they cannot be sold – so they are salvaged to make an AWESOME product! There are several other types of meats and foods that are created by congealing them from boiling the bones, and internal organs of the animal for superb flavor, not just scrapple.

I admire her commitment to the still-questionable-in-my-mind meat product, but I’m still not a fan.

Meanwhile, from the other half of our family, my sister Louise weighs in:

I would eat some scrapple if it is sliced very thin and fried very crisp and brown. Scrapple’s problem is it is UGLY FOOD. Maybe add a little red dye? olives? Oh well.

Well, she’s got me on one point. Maybe it is the look, not the taste, that bothers me so much.

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