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Improving York County, a little at a time

All of the third-graders at Norman A. Trimmer Elementary this year had to do two hours of community service, preferably with their families.

Many of the kids in our neighborhood took the fundraising route – making snack mix or brownies and selling them in baggies, door to door. (Which was yummy, and which we decided to partake of several times!)

Sarah, though, wanted to do something a little different. Since we’re such big fans of the county’s parks, as evidenced by our many summer hikes, we talked to her and came up with the idea of picking up litter in the parks.

You wouldn’t believe what we found! Lots of socks. Some condom wrappers – eww! An abandoned fishing tackle box (pictured below) at Pinchot Park in Warrington Township.

Also, enough empty soda bottles and soda bottle lids – and a few full soda and water bottles – to keep the recycling center busy for a while.

The bag below was collected in about 20 minutes at Dunedin Park in West Manchester Township.

On behalf of my daughter, myself, my husband and all those who use the parks – BE NICE! PICK UP YOUR LITTER (or someone’s else’s, if you see it.) If my little girl can do it, so can you!

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