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I’m not alone in my parking lot phobia

A couple months ago, I wrote about crazy York County parking lots. I was as happy as could be to realize that I’m not just a terrible driver – though I realize I am – they truly are weird, at least in my readers’ opinions.

Some of what you had to say:

Tracey got specific. She says: “The Targets in York suck. They slope and you head out for what appears to be an exit to find a low curb. I’ve seen this in West and East ends.”

Jo writes: “It seems all new parking lots are being built in a similar manner — cockeyed and helter-skelter! The two you mention are examples and now the new center in Mechanicsburg where Wegman’s is located is just as bad. What I find unnerving about these layouts is the traffic that seems to be coming at you from all directions. We need eyes on all four sides of our heads to prevent a collision. Maybe a periscope! Do you sense that these layouts are done deliberately to prevent shoppers/drivers from leaving the area too quickly and to hold us there in hopes we’ll see another store we missed and might want to go into? I’m sure there’s a method behind this madness and I wish someone would explain it.”

Joe tried. He writes: “You can thank your local municipal ordinance for parking lot design. Everything from the size of the space to how many trees are in or around the parking lot is covered. I think the York Galleria’s lot entrances are screwy but aside from that, I don’t believe I’ve ever been trapped … for long anyway, in a parking lot.”

Thank goodness, but wow, if that’s our standard, we’re in trouble! 🙂

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