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Ice cream: It’s even fun in the winter, when we’re talking memories

Any guesses where this ice-cream photo was taken? Hint: Much to my dismay - and my waistline's glee - I can't get this near my home any more.

Yes, today’s topic is even fun when it’s super-cold outside; as my mom would say, “It’s never too cold for ice cream!” This is a perfect topic for today, because today is my husband’s birthday and he LOVES ice cream. Happy birthday, Christopher!

Today’s letter comes from Wayne Breighner of Red Lion. Wayne wrote with a suggestion for another topic on which we can reminisce: York County’s many ice-cream-manufacturing operations through the years.

He lists, just to name a few:

– Pensupreme on North George Street
– Carman’s in Loganville
– Beck’s on Roosevelt Avenue
– Green’s Dairy
– Rutter’s Dairy
– Kohr’s

Wayne also said there was a mom-and-pop place on Carlisle Road between the fairgrounds and Route 30 – I’m not sure during what time period he means. In recent years, there was a Bruster’s franchise, now closed, but I’m not sure if there was anything earlier that Wayne was trying to recall.

He writes, “Pennsupreme was a favorite of mine, it was located where Central Rest. is today. The creamery was behind the dairy bar. They had a concoction known as a pig’s trough, which held 6+ scoops of ice cream and multiple toppings and if you could completely eat it they gave you a badge that read ‘I was a PIG at the Pennsupreme dairy bar.’

Wayne, thanks for sparking that discussion. I’d love to hear more about local ice cream! I know we can add Paules Dairy in Wrightsville to the list, as well as Handel’s and many others. It’s amazing how much has changed, even since this 2008 list I made of ice-cream favorites of mine.

And don’t forget – in addition to your thoughts on ice-cream makers past and present, I’d love to know what you think about Only in York County and what you’d like to see covered in 2012. Please let me know what you think – it’s totally anonymous and very helpful. Many thanks to all of you who responded already; I’m so pleased with the number of responses!

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