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I shouldn’t be allowed to watch movies

When I watch movies, I can’t help but look for York County connections. That’s how I ended up with that Cameron Mitchell post from my husband.

Well, the aforementioned my husband and I are geeks. I don’t guess that’s a big shocker, right?

Specifically, we’re Star Trek geeks. And recently, when we watched Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, which was made in 1991, I saw something at the end that made me just about shriek.

At the end of the credits? “Special thanks to Pfaltzgraff.” Why? Because they made all the china that was used on the ships Enterprise and Excelsior in the movie! And then, they made commemorative/replica versions of it that people could actually buy!

Check them out here and here.

As I think I’ve said, I was ridiculously excited. Especially because, in 1991, of course, Pfaltzgraff was totally a York-based company – in fact, how much more “Only in York County” could you get?

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