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Stephen H. Smith of YorksPast shared this image of Huntley's Hamburgers. The drive-in photo came from the 1970 edition of The Panther, Central York High School's yearbook, and the sign photo was taken in November 1966 and is part of Springettsbury Township Historic Preservation Committee's collections. Stephen added the red roof coloring, for which the shop was well-known.

Ask Joan: Even more on Huntley’s

A couple of weeks ago, I shared a bunch of reader responses about the former Huntley’s Hamburgers drive-in that used to be on Memory Lane in Springettsbury Township.

Since then, I’ve heard even more about that eatery, so I wanted to take today to share the additional information I’ve gleaned!

Perhaps my favorite comment came from Wayne J. Gross, who said: “Enjoyed the writings about Huntley’s drive-in restaurant. Our construction company (C.M. Gross & Sons) built this for Huntley’s in 1966, just after we finished building Zion Lutheran Church, top of Mount Zion Road. Huntley’s was based in Lancaster and we were in a position to build more, but they decided to not expand. My uncle, Archie Gross, was the foreman on this job.”

Wayne, that’s so neat – thank you for writing and letting me know! Wayne has written before with good information from his construction business and I was not surprised but pleased to know he was part of the Huntley’s story as well.

I also heard from Sandy and Bob Ellis. Sandy wrote, “My husband, Bob, and I met for the first time at Huntley’s back in 1968. We have been married for 48 years and have just moved back to PA after leaving 40 years ago. So glad to be back and loved the article that took us back to our carefree days as teenagers. We probably would not have had our lives together if not for Huntley’s. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!”

I was quick to write back and wish the Ellises a warm welcome back to Pennsylvania, but I want to give them a big “Welcome Home” shout-out here as well!

In the same vein, I heard from Bonnie Hess-Hammon, who now lives in Texas. She said, “My husband, Laverne, and I met on the parking lot of Huntley’s on Memoray Lane in York. But he asked me out on our first date at one of the curb-side spaces at Avalongs. We were married in 1970 till his death in 2011. We did the strip in York, but always ended up at our favorite – Avalongs; the place to meet up with friends and in my case… a date with my first love!”

I’ve written about Avalongs in the past, but I am probably due to revisit that establishment again soon and I am glad to Bonnie for reminding me of that!

Don Jones, who I mentioned in the past column, was excited to see the photo of the restaurant. He wrote about his memories of Huntley’s, “I was about 14 at the time and was fortunate enough to have a brother who would let tag along when he and his friends would ride the Loop. I look forward to all of your articles but this article has special meaning for me. It holds a lot of memories for me. This was literally a trip down Memory Lane.”

Sharon Krout of Glen Rock also remembered going to Huntley’s, “with my friend who wanted to show off her green Camaro,” she wrote. “It was a great hangout for teens… A great place for cheap burgers and lots of teenagers.”

I also heard from Sherry Lookofsky, who said she worked at the York County Shopping Center in the mid- to late 1960s and went there for dinner sometimes, and Mike Deveney, Jeffrey Richards and Sue Baugher, who also recalled Huntley’s. “Was a hang-out back in the day,” Jeffrey wrote.

I am so grateful to everyone who has continued to take the time to share their Huntley’s memories with me!

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