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Mail call: Howard Johnson’s Restaurant memories

A quick dip into the mailbox today; I want to share a letter with you that came from Shirley Kline of Manchester Township.

Shirley writes, “Remember Howard Johnson’s Restaurant on East Market St.? (Presently Stony Brook Family Restaurant.)”

She says, “They had the best onion rings and clam strips (always freshly breaded). Also, the weekly fish fry – I think every Wednesday. I worked there as a waitress in the ’60s.”

That’s one I had not heard about before, though I know the fish fry tradition still continues at many places in York County; back during Lent, especially, there were tons!

Does anyone else remember this restaurant – and its onion rings or clam strips? And where do you get good onion rings now? They’re one of my mom’s favorites!

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