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Fun book find: History of the York Pullman Automobile, 1903-1917

Here’s the problem with having a lot of books and ephemera: I don’t always remember where certain items in our collection came from.

Case in point, today’s fun book: “History of the York Pullman Automobile, 1903-1917,” by William H. Shank, P.E. It’s a booklet that was published in 1970 by the Historical Society of York County, and it’s a fascinating look at this famous car of the past!

There’s so much great information in the book that I can’t begin to describe it all – but after a quick read of the booklet, the front and back covers of which are shown here, I certainly consider myself much more knowledgeable on this model of car now than I was before.

One fascinating “Only in York County” side note – in the foreward of the book, author William Shank thanks several people who contributed clippings, photographs and stories, and one of them is Paul L. Schiding of York. Is that the Paul Schiding of hobby shop fame, whose father was John Schiding of Schiding’s Service Store? Talk about small world if so!

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