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Here’s revisiting an old topic: McYork!

A long, long time ago – like about a year back – I posted an entry from my Page-A-Day calendar last year of McDonald’s local favorites in different regions.

I asked you guys what you thought of some McYork foods, and boy, did I get fun responses. Unfortunately, I forgot to highlight them, and one of my readers just found that post and was talking to me about it, so I thought now would be a good time to revisit!

Mark, first of all, weighed in with this awesome menu from McDonald’s in Austria. He said they’ve even got McSchnitzel!

He suggested that in York, we could have a McScrapple Sandwich, scrapple as a side for the Big Breakfast, packets of King Syrup for a choice of topping for said scrapple, a McHam & Cheese Pretzel Sandwich, a McMeatloaf Sandwich (served hot or cold) and a McHoagie. Sides could be chow-chow and yellow macaroni or potato salad.

My sister Louise suggested Hogmaw McNuggets and, for dessert; Shoofly McPie.

Those were great suggestions. Since then, I’ve decided I’d like to take the McChicken and make it into McChicken-Corn Soup!

Also, I wanted to say that I’m including all these types of food in upcoming polls for the ABCs of York, like meatloaf for M. I’ll take ideas from anywhere!

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