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Help for an out-of-state pretzel lover

Not too long ago, commenter Adell from Neptune, N.J., found my post from early 2009 about the Utz everything pretzels.

Adell writes, “I am a pretzel nut! I have had these and they are delicious. Unfortunately, the store where I bought them does not carry them anymore. I’ll have to keep looking.”

Well, Adell, you are in luck! If you’re willing to pay for them, you can buy them by the case through the Utz online store and have them shipped. That’s a lot of pretzels, I realize, but I think they’re worth it!

For others interested in local foods you can have shipped elsewhere: You can also get Smittie’s Pretzels and Martin’s Chips sent to you.

Do you guys know any other local favorites that can be shipped?

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