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Happy Father’s Day!

Well, first of all, happy day to all you dads out there!

It being father’s day, I’m honoring my husband’s wish for a peaceful day at home. We might go check out the “York’s Greatest Yard Sale” (I still have a hard time not calling it the “World’s Greatest Yard Sale”) but other than that, no big plans.

Today’s festivities, though, and some recent blog comments got me wondering… how many names do Yorkers have for grandfathers – or any grandparents, really?

Nicki was talking about having two “pap”s.

My daughter, who is grandparentally gifted (meaning she has a lot of them) has:

1. and 2. Poppop (my dad, who passed away before she was born) and my mom, Mommom

3. and 4. Pappy (who goes with Nana – these are my ex’s parents)

5. Great-pappy (Nana’s father; there was also a Great-Nana, too, a wonderful lady who passed away late last year)

6. and 7. Pappy John (my husband’s father, who goes with Grammy Sally)

8. Grandma (my husband’s mom)

Around here, the Mommom and Poppop names are really uncommon, I’m finding. At Wal-Mart, they had all sorts of cards for Papa and Grandpa, but no Poppop or Pappy!

I think one unusual one I heard growing up from some family friends was “Memaw” for their grandmother. And, sometime, ask our police reporter Michele why her dad is “Nandada” to her nieces and nephews.

My mom (Mommom to my daughter and all her other grandkids, remember) has gotten an even better nickname from her GREAT-grandkids, who call my sister their Mommom – she’s Mommommom (Mommom’s mom, right?)

It’s hard to write on gift tags at holidays, but other than that, pretty cool!

So what’s your family’s name for grandparents? Any good stories, or just “because that’s what we do?”

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