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Guess what I finally ate?

No, not hogmaw, sorry! Hopefully that will come sometime this year.

But I did finally try something almost as Yorkish – scrapple! You will remember this was on my “Things I Don’t Eat” list!

Hubby, on a recent Friday, decided to fry up some Habbersett’s and pleaded with me to try a piece. You can see he had some help from one of our friendly cats, Mr. Bill.

The verdict? Not bad. Kind of bacony-tasting. I liked the crunchy parts just fine, but the thicker parts weren’t really something I’d eat again. Not that I hated it, just wouldn’t seek it out.

Now, as to toppings, we did not have any King Syrup, though my husband said that’s “wrong” anyway, and he wouldn’t let me put my favorite condiment – ketchup – on it, either. That’s an experiment for another day, I guess!

Below is the scrapple in my hand. I wouldn’t let Chris take a photo of it in my mouth – eww! – so this is the closest you’re getting to “proof” that I ate it.

Aren’t you guys proud of me??

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