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Grocery-store spotting: Organic ice

Hubby will tell you that I routinely go on kicks in which I don’t want to eat preservatives, artificial colors, etc. in my food.

(Side note: I understand this does not mesh with my hot-dog bent. Yes, it’s hypocrisy and I recognize it as such!)

Anyway, I am in one of the “moods” lately and am trying to avoid over-processed foods, so I’m spending more time in the organic aisles of my favorite grocery stores.

Now, I like things natural.


On Thursday night, we came upon organic ice. It’s called “Natural Rocks,” and it’s a bag of ice cubes made from spring water. At the Giant on Loucks Road in West Manchester Township, it sold for $1.69 a bag.

I did not think to get the price of, um, non-organic ice, but it’s actually not a ton cheaper; maybe $1.35 a bag the last I saw at a convenience store?

What weirds me out isn’t that this is a bad idea, or that it’s overpriced, because I don’t think it is on either count.

It’s that it’s really not that different!

Good Time Ice, based in Harrisburg, says this about their ice:

We work extra hard to insure that our ice is of the finest quality available. Although our water is tested daily by the York Water Company, we improve it with additional filtering. The finished product is tested on a regular basis and meets all U.S., state, and local standards. Good Time Ice exceeds military standards for packaged ice and is approved for use by the United States government.

During the freezing process all impurities are removed from our ice. It remains pure because Good Time Ice is untouched until after the ice is in the bag. Our ice is crystal clear so that you can see the purity. This means that you are choosing the best product available. After all, we both want the same things; a consistently reliable product that is top quality.

So, I guess my question is, why pay more and buy something from out of state? This sounds pretty “organic” and natural to me!

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