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Grocery-shopping tips and tricks

Remember the grocery-store poll from mid-November? Well, as of this writing, Giant is still winning. (Admittedly, that’s where I most often shop, though I do like Weis and Walmart for certain items, depending on sales.)

Jo brings a really neat perspective to the discussion! She writes, “Here’s a neat little secret I discovered a few years ago about Giant. As a reader of both the Sunday YDR and the Sunday Patriot News, I get Giant’s weekly flier in each paper. Even though my New Cumberland Giant, which is in York County next to Cap City Airport, is but several miles from any York Giant, like Dover, Delco or East Market St., the prices are not necessarily the same. Three weeks ago, I counted about two dozen items with higher prices in York Giants than my New Cumberland Giant. Nearly every Sunday I can spot several higher prices in York area Giant stores than the Harrisburg area Giants. And therein lies the difference – the New Cumberland Giant is in the Harrisburg District and York is not. Over the years, I have learned which products to buy in New Cumberland or Camp Hill Giants and which not to purchase in the York area. As an example, whichever brand of orange juice Giant has on sale for the week is almost always fifty cents higher in the York area. Caveat Emptor!”

Commenter Joe is also price-conscious (which I definitely appreciate.) He writes, “Weis on Roosevelt is where I go. It is very close to my house and I’ve been going there so long I know exactly where to find anything. I also feel like I know half of the staff from seeing them each and every week. However, as prices continue to rise – Walmart may some day be an option for more standard items, however I hate dealing with the crowds there.”

What about you? Shopping tips and tricks? Sometime I’ll have to do a whole blog post on HOW my family grocery-shops – it’s a major thing, and we are huge money-savers, but that takes work. Don’t let me forget to write about that sometime!

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