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Grocery-shopping memories

Side note from Joan: If I’ve been counting correctly, today marks the 1,000th post on Only in York County. That’s pretty awesome!

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A newer commenter, Lowell Kohler, recently shared his memories of an experience that certainly is memorable to a lot of people.
No, not a big event, like a wedding or something. But something we all do ALL the time – grocery shopping!

He writes, “(I) remember the Food Fair store on S. George St. next to J.D. Leonard moving and storage. Across the street from Stetler Dodge. Went there every Fri. morning for groceries with my grandparents in a 51 Studebaker Commander that was bought at Anderson Motors on S. Queen at King.”
When I received that comment from Lowell, I had to particularly write to thank him. I don’t think I ever received so many iconic York memories in such a relatively short description! It’s great.

And I started thinking about my own grocery memories. When I was growing up in northern Dover Township, we used to go to the Weis in Dover Township most often, as well as Pathmark at the old Delco Plaza for things like dog food and other “major” stuff. It was close to a half-hour drive to get into Pathmark, and probably 20 minutes to Weis, so we didn’t go very frequently. But I remember getting to help with coupons, and I remember the nice ladies in the deli giving me a slice of American cheese when we’d stop by. (That’s in addition to the many groceries and most of our deli stuff that we purchased at the Market & Penn Farmers Market, by the way.)

It surprises me how clearly I remember all of that, though, and it surprised me that Lowell had the same clear memories, down to what day was “grocery day!”

How about you? Do you remember that sort of stuff from when you were younger?

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