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Greenstring beans?

Well, as of this writing, my vote for your veggie name poll is tied with 15 votes for “green beans” and 15 votes for “string beans.”

Now, here’s the funny part. If I voted, I would NOT have a tie-breaking vote! Want to know why?

Well, my friend Phil has the same reasoning, so I’ll let him tell you:

“I really should vote twice and pick both. It depends on the dish. If served alone, ‘green beans.’ But in certain dishes, it changes. For example, ‘string beans and ham.’ ”

That’s exactly how I say it. I call them green beans, but a family favorite dish is “ham and string beans.”

There you have it. 30 votes and two weeks later, still no definitive York County voice on the great bean debate of aught-nine. Ha!

(That said, thanks to all of you who weighed in on this one. I love hearing everyone’s stories, including Jo, who had to tell me TWICE because she couldn’t get her comment to post, and Joe, who makes a good case for “green” beans – all beans start in a “string,” so you gotta tell them apart somehow!)

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