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Going Dutch

Yes, I know you all love reading my blog. And we even get a little multicultural when we get comments from Mark, who tells us hello from Austria.

But here’s a real multicultural blog experience for you, courtesy of the Pennsylvania Dutch Heritage Group’s newsletter from earlier this year.

Check out “Nau loss mich yuscht eppes saage! En Blog uff Deitsch”, billed as the only blog on the Internet written entirely in Pennsylvania Dutch.

Here’s what I can tell, with my VERY limited “Dutch” knowledge: The author is Douglas J. Madenford; he lived or lives in Reading; and he has degrees from Lock Haven University and – I think – is pursuing a Master’s degree at Millersville.

The second part of the title of the blog I translate as “A blog in Dutch.” The first part, though, completely escapes me. I tried translating it kind of word-for-word and came up with “Now leave me just (???) say.”

Anyone have any insight to offer? Or have any other Penna. Dutch sites to recommend?

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