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Giving the gift of scrapple

This holiday season, won’t you consider sending some yummy (?) York County foods to your out-of-town friends and family members?

You might recall we’ve got a list of local snacks you can get via mail-order, but then, I got this letter from my friend John Myers, who lives in the northern New Jersey/New York area.

He says, “Habbersett’s … that’s the brand my kids hated to smell cooking. I would buy & fry it (for myself – they hated it) during our Summer weeks at Cape May. I was really hard-up for a fix at the time! If you want REAL scrapple … you need to go to a place like Wayne Nell’s butcher shop in East Berlin! I’d almost call their product organic … because there aren’t many preservatives in it … so it needs to be eaten or frozen within a few days. My current ‘scrapple deal’ is too good to be true … my sister Linda’s Christmas present to me last year was a giant bag of sliced, wrapped, and frozen scrapple from Nell’s with the written promise of ‘free refills and free delivery.’ That was even better than getting a ‘Red Ryder BB Gun with a compass in the stock and this thing that tells time’!”

Indeed! So give the gift of York County if you can this year!

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