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Gino’s is still the place to go: A roundup on one of our favorite eateries!

Longtime readers and longtime residents of the area certainly know Gino’s, especially since it’s made news recently for reopening even more stores.

Today, a few quick notes to share on this awesome restaurant.

My husband found this neat retrospective from, which delves a bit into the chain’s demise and recent resurgence.

This photo slideshow from the Baltimore Sun depicts the August opening of a Gino’s in Towson, and was shared with me by reader Sue McKinsey. She says, “I am from Dundalk, MD & we had a Gino’s & Ameche’s not to far apart. My brother lives in Bel Air, MD & sent me this from The Baltimore Sun paper. The person they quote, Bob Currier, I went to school with, graduated with & am still in contact with. We graduated in 1964 from Dundalk Senior High School & a bunch of us get together several times a year just to stay in touch.”

There are now three open Gino’s – the King of Prussia location I visited with some readers last year; one in Bensalem; and the Towson, Md., store. Also planned for this year are stores in Perryhall, Md., and Coatesville, as well as, according to the official website, “23 others.” York, PA, anyone??

(On that note, I heard from another reader, Katie, about one of the store’s former York County locations – she says, “I also worked at the Susquehanna Trail store in 1976 had lots of fun.” Have Gino’s memories of your own to share? Leave me a comment!)

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