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Gift suggestions from Fluhrer the Jeweler: Wouldn’t you like some Vaseline jars?

A newer pastime Chris and I have taken up – stemming from our love of antique stores – has been visiting local estate sales. Chris looks for neat books, and I look for old York County “stuff!”

We attended one recently in northern York County, and I found a few pretty cool items. Today’s is a handout card from Fluhrer the Jeweler, formerly of 17-19 West Market Street in York.

Click this image to see a larger version of the gift suggestion list!

I’m almost positive this was reprinted for businesses in other areas as well – much like the household tips guide provided by York Bank that I wrote about last year.

The most fun thing here is looking at the gift suggestions of the time. Though it’s undated, I can only imagine the gentleman who would love to receive bicycle tags, pen wiper cups, scarf pins, whisk brooms and foot rules. (OK, I know what all of those are except foot rules. Help?)

And what of the ladies? Were they enjoying their coat hangers, dental floss cases, Vaseline jars and rulers? (A good pocketbook is ALWAYS in fashion, though, if anyone would like to buy Joan a gift; my birthday IS only a week away!)

Also, I’m glad that at my wedding, sardine boxes were not among my gifts, nor cucumber spoons, nor the widest selection of forks I can imagine!

But, hey, for those diamonds, watches and jewelry – SURE to please – I hear from many people that Fluhrer’s was the place to go. As an aside, you can still see their name inset in their building downtown; I had a friend for many years who rented an apartment in the Fluhrer building, and it was gorgeous!

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