Only in York County

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Get outside, York County!

Today’s weather was simply beautiful here, despite a VERY brief thunderstorm. I understand it was worse in some parts of the county, but we were very lucky.

We headed outside in the late afternoon to the former Hawk Lake golf course, eventually to become the site of Memorial Hospital. It’s almost literally in my backyard, yet we only go there a few times a year; I mean to make it a much more frequent habit, especially with $4-a-gallon gas prices keeping our trips up to Pinchot or over to the river to a minimum!

Today’s excursion was all Sarah’s idea; she thought the dog would like a run.

We spotted some red-winged blackbirds, which my ornithology-loving daughter was quick to identify.

Mostly, we just got some good exercise – nearly a two-mile hike on some wonderful but not always gentle rolling hills. I understand Thursday is supposed to be springy as well, so even if it’s just as far as your own yard, please enjoy York County’s outdoors!

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