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Fun paper find: Your 1973 Calendar from B.W. Moul & Son, Builders, of Hanover

Today’s gem turned up on the final day of the Book Nook Bonanza sale, held this year at the York Ice Arena.

Chris and I always go – and we are definitely less than choosy in our selections, with it being only $5 for a yard of books. That means that anything thin is in!

Case in point, a random 1973 promotional calendar I found. Distributed by B.W. Moul & Son of Hanover, it features a variety of house plans, one per month.

I got REALLY excited at first, because I thought these were actual Hanover-area homes that I might recognize. A closer look showed that this calendar was probably mass-marketed, perhaps by Standard Homes Plan Service of Raleigh, North Carolina, with just the distributing builder’s info changed.

OK, fine. But it’s still cool.

Check out March’s house, with its big windows! That’s a classic – I’d be proud to live in it today! (Some of the choices were, shall we say, more ’70s-centric, but this was my favorite.)

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