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Fun paper find: Historic York and James Smith’s grave

Today’s fun paper item is a little convoluted.

I didn’t find it in York County, or at least, not exactly.

You know that my husband, Chris, and I are big collectors of ephemera, or old paper. Well, Chris won a contest as a “gift” to me, and my prize was hundreds of dollars worth of neat ephemera from dealers across the country.

Yes, really.

Well, one of the many boxes I received included a mess of tiny little papers from all over – including the one seen here. I almost leafed past it, but while cleaning out my scrapbooking and crafting area the other day, I browsed more closely and turned this up.

The original is only about an inch and a half tall by about two inches wide. My best guess is that it might have been part of a series of collector’s stamps or labels – you know, one with the old courthouse, one with James Smith’s grave, etc.

As it is, I just have this one, featuring James Smith’s gravestone, and I’d love to learn more on whether there were more!

(If you’re interested, June Lloyd has a great post on Universal York about the grave of James Smith; check that out here!)

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