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Fun for a quarter

OK, well, it was $20 in quarters, and no, Jo, I wasn’t at the casino.

On Tuesday night, I went to one of the growing number of quarter auctions in York County. Most of them are fundraisers for various causes, and this one, held at the Dover Township community building, was done to help a team from the Dover Dragons Tae Kwon Do studio travel to a national competition.

Man, was it fun! My mom, Sarah and I went. A $3 ticket entitled you to two bidding paddles. The prizes up for bid, donated by local home sales vendors, like those with Creative Memories and Pampered Chef, were considered one, two, three or four-quarter items. If you wanted to bid, you paid that many quarters per paddle. Then, you held your paddles up, and the hostess/emcee drew pingpong balls from a box with numbers to match the paddles. If your number was called but you hadn’t bid, they just drew another one.

My mom won, on a bid of $1 total, a great, huge purse from Thirty-One. Mom and I bid a grand total of $1 between us and won a Boyd’s Bears rabbit named Ashlynn for Sarah.

And, of course, I love my scrapbooking stuff. I won a Creative Memories circle maker, which costs $20.50, for $1. And, I won a special paper pack and sticker pack that you can’t even buy through Creative Memories, also for $1.

Altogether, we figured that the three of us won at least $80 to $100 worth of stuff, and we spent a grand total of $40 in quarters, plus about $5 for snacks and $6 for the tickets. Overall, not bad, and considering some of the money benefits a good cause, I’m all for it.

I think I’ve found the next big York County pastime, even bigger than cow-pattie bingo and “I Got It” at the fair. If anyone else has tried quarter auctions, I’d love to hear about it!

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