Only in York County

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From York, Pennsylvania to York, United Kingdom

I have a real fun story to share today from longtime reader and friend Jo Ott, who had a real “Only in York County” moment recently!

She writes:

“I spent the weekend in northern Virginia and on the way home today, I stopped at the Gettysburg Museum & Visitors’ Center to see the Annie Leibovitz photo exhibit there. (If you can get thereā€”go, go, go! There will probably not be another one this close to York and this cheap – $8. I paid $16 to see a similar although larger one in Washington a few years ago.)”

She continues, “I spent additional time at the museum viewing Civil War exhibits which are so wonderful, got a terrible lunch and walked back to my car. I pulled away and noticed a note under a wiper and stopped to get it, hoping it was not someone telling me they dinged my car which was just repaired after running over a huge piece of truck tire tread on 83.”

Instead, this is what she found:

The decal referenced was given to Jo by a niece who was visiting England, and looks like this:

Jo says, “What are the possibilities of this man parking his car next to mine at the Gettysburg parking lot or anywhere on the planet? I left him a brief note as to where the decal came from and why it was displayed on my car.”

From York, Pennsylvania to York, United Kingdom! What a cool story!

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