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Free yard sale was a success!

The highlight of my Saturday was a trip to the Totally Free Yard Sale held on the grounds of the Mount Royal Auction in Dover Township.

If you hadn’t already heard about the event, the name really was self-expanatory – people donated their unwanted “stuff,” and, yard sale style, it was laid out in the yard of the auction house, free to anyone who wanted it.

We donated a BUNCH of stuff – mostly books, but outgrown clothes and toys of my daughter’s, too – in advance of the event, but we had a few more things to add, so around 11 a.m., we headed up to drop those off and see how the event was going.

They had already given away LOADS of stuff by then! It was amazing.

For my part, I was thrilled with how well it turned out, glad to see people finding things they needed or wanted, and, yes, I admit, I found a cool pair of brown sandals, which was a great side benefit! (And my husband found some interesting books donated by other people!)

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