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Sending memories from Las Vegas to York, PA

Today, I have a fun letter to share that is also thematically appropriate!

It’s from Greg and Dottie Woolridge of Las Vegas, Nevada, and it’s fun for me because I just got back from a short vacation to Las Vegas in the past couple of weeks!

Greg Woolridge wrote, “I’ve been meaning to write and tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your memories column ever since I first read it. Please don’t ask me to remember when that was. At the age of 86 my memory ‘ain’t what it used to be.’ I was born in Chambersburg in 1928 and our family moved to York in 1937. My wife Dottie and I owned ‘Tally Ho’ employment agency from the early ’60s to 1973. We were pretty well known around York. I played football and basketball at York High till we both graduated in 1946.”

He continued, “I have been reminded of a lot of a lot of the places I’ve seen in your column. I used to set up pins at 20th Century Alleys on S. Pine St. I don’t remember the ice rink, but White Rose roller rink was on E. Market St. back of the York Theater. Carl Beasley Ford was located next to Hiway theater on W. Market St. … Remember it well, bought a few Fords from Ray Grove, a good salesman and friend. I had caddied for him at the old Outdoor Club on Country Club Road. Next to Pat Patterson’s was Butera’s shoe repair shop; I shined shoes on the weekends. The White Rose Record Store was originally opened on S. Queen St. next to Hubert’s barbershop, just around the corner of E. Market St. Yes, we remember Rehmeyer’s on W. Market and Belvidere.”

Greg added, “Who can forget McCrory’s Distribution Center in East York, they were a good customer of us, hired a lot of people. Our business Tally Ho Personnel started on N. Beaver St. across from Central Market House beside White Rose Bar & Grill… we then moved to E. King St. across from Kleppers Key Shop. Sure wish I could remember dates like I used to. We retired and moved to Las Vegas in 1973.” He said they even came back a few times, but the East Coast weather is hard on arthritis!

Greg concluded that his nephew had sent him a January column, which was what prompted him to write; I’m just excited that we were able to connect and share memories across the country!

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