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Feeling a little persnickety today

Today’s fun Yorkism comes courtesy of longtime reader Jo.

She suggested some time ago that we talk about “persnickety.” While this is not an “Only” in York County thing, it’s certainly something we say a lot, and, of interest, we’re home to a business by the same name, a wedding invitation/stationery studio in the Olde Tollgate Village in York Township.

In the more traditional sense of the word, our family has always used persnickety to mean particular. Or, um, picky. As in, how my eating habits used to be described. (Sometimes, finicky, another unusual “y” word for that same type of habit!)

The other thing in my house that I describe as persnickety is my DVD player. For some reason, the thing that pops out where you put the DVD won’t stay shut after you take the disc out, unless you close it just so. Definitely persnickety in my mind!

Any persnickety devices – or people – in your life? Don’t get yourself into trouble with this answer!

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