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Famous dogs

I used my weekend plans in Hanover as an excuse to try a Hanover-area specialty that I hadn’t had before – the downtown Famous Hot Weiner!

Despite being pretty familiar with the Hanover area, I’d never eaten at the original location at York Street and Broadway, just the newer one over at Dart Drive and Eichelberger Street.

So when my husband suggested that we stop in with Sarah for our Saturday night dinner, I was totally up for it.

I went with a twist on my favorite – hot dog with ketchup and mustard – the twist being the last-minute addition of bacon after I heard another diner order it.

Sarah went with plain dog. Nothing on it.

We all shared some really, really good fries.

And Chris went for it, ordering two “famous” weiners with their “everything” – onions, mustard and the special Famous Hot Weiner chili sauce.

I have never seen so many onions in one place before!!

All in all, it was a good meal. I like my dogs basically burnt, so mine was a little light for my taste, but still yummy. Chris polished almost all of his two off, and Sarah did a great job on hers. And the fries… wow! I really liked those. (Yes, I’m a big kid at heart.)

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