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Even more store memories from the Weigelstown area

Lorie, a friend and longtime Dover-area resident, has been super-helpful in identifying a lot of stores and restaurants of the past from that area.

In fact, last year, when we were talking about all sorts of changes in the Weigelstown area, she was able to provide a wealth of additional info.

She writes, “Previous to Weis, there was an old farmhouse. I remember this because while I was in school the Dover history class tried to save the house itself. If I recall correctly, they were not successful. I concur on the J&W hardware being beside CVS which previously was a Super Thrift. McDonald’s was built on a piece of vacant lot and where the Weigelstown firehouse was. Weigelstown fire dept. merged with the Dover Township fire dept.

She continues, “Also the current Advance Auto Parts store was previously a Dauphin Deposit bank and before that it was the home of Spangler’s Grocery Store, before it moved further down, to where SaveSmart is now.”

I did not know Spangler’s the grocery store was ever anywhere but that location of SaveSmart, so that was a great piece of info for me! I did have a very fuzzy memory of that spot housing a bank at one time, though I couldn’t have told you which one if you paid me!

There’s a series for another day… York County bank memories. It seems like they’ve all changed names and ownership a dozen times, even in my lifetime!

Anyway, thank you Lorie for the Weigelstown info! What does everyone else remember from that area?

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