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Even more Salvo’s memories

My post back in March about Salvo’s in Dover generated a lot of very positive memories. I can tell everyone else loved that place as much as I did.

Here are a few thoughts:

From new commenter Lynda Kindig: “Salvo’s was always a great place to eat. The homemade rolls were fab.”

From Diane Willis: “Salvo’s was the best. You could not beat the quality, and their cheesesteaks and pizza were the best in Dover. It was a nice place for families to eat.”

Another commenter, “E.G.G. Jr.,” writes: “Salvo’s … Man I miss that place! My wife and I and other members of the Dover Township Fire Police used to stop in there for something to eat after many fire calls. I loved talking with the owner, who freely shared some expert home winemaking tips with me over the years. He was a good guy, I really liked him,in fact, I taught myself some Scicilian, just so we could understand each other a little bit better. The food was always great, no matter what you got. We were pretty fond of their cheese steak sandwiches! And, It was nice to have a place where they permitted a bring your own wine if you wished policy. I hoped the family would have kept the business going in Dover, I hate eating at places where food comes in a bag or box with a clown’s name all over it!”

A friend from church, Lorie, remembered them too; she writes: “We loved Salvo’s; we probably went at least once a week. The pizza was great, and I loved the homemade sub rolls. He was always so friendly and enjoyed talking to you! I miss that place.”

Apparently, everyone does. I guess if I want to go into business for myself in the Dover area, I better learn to speak a bit more Italian and get a good sub-roll recipe, huh? I could make a mint!

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