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Even more Gregory’s memories from the Gregory family and others

Gregory's Menswear storefrontWe’ve certainly talked often about Gregory’s Menswear…

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And today we’re going to continue with something hopefully even more detailed, including memories from the Gregory family members themselves.

Mike Meckley writes, after reading the list of former Gregory’s employees by Clarence Bosserman Jr., “I enjoyed your article about the people who worked at Gregory’s in the Sunday News. I grew up in York and played basketball at York High in the late 40’s and early 50’s and our coach was Don Cockley. Coach Cockley worked at Gregory’s on holidays and during the summer when there was no school. Add Coach Cockley to the list of employees at Gregory’s.”

In response to one of the earliest posts, Ed Laucks wrote, “I live in Florida but I am from York. My sister Penny Shellenberger of York sent me the newspaper article about Dietz’s and Gregory’s. I remember them both. I remember our mother had to ‘drag’ our father to Gregory’s to get new suits and sports coats. He hated shopping for clothes. It was almost that bad with underwear too! But I did buy clothes there myself since they knew my father so well. I really miss the home town feel. Small stores where everyone knew each other. I’ve been batting around in my mind, did Gregory’s open a store in one of the shopping centers? I know Gingrich’s did. Thanks for the memories!”

And John Loeper writes, “At Christmas time Gregory’s would also put gift certificates inside a big red tree ornament and place it in a small box with the Gregory’s logo on it. It was a nice touch. My father got one every year and my mother would hoard it until Gregory’s had their big semiannual sale in February, then buy stuff for my father to wear. Didn’t know about the neck tie thing for new fathers but that must have been cool. Here’s a store that’s been out of business for at least a quarter of a century and we are still talking about the little marketing things they did back in the day. That’s great.”

Very much agreed, John!

Perhaps the most fun letter, though, just arrived – from Marshall G. Gregory Jr. of York Township, who says:

“The Gregory family – 21 direct descendants of Samuel F. Gregory, the store founder – would like to thank you for your kind articles in your ‘Do you remember?’ column. It is extremely gratifying to hear – after closing our doors over 26 years ago – that we are still remembered. I have some additional information on two of the subjects that you mentioned in your article that may be of interest.”

Regarding the “Gregory Gift Program,” which we had talked about here, Marshall writes, “Started in the late 1930’s on the station ‘WORK,’ 6 days per week, nine months per year at 6:00PM for over 15 years. During this period, Gregory’s had approximately 1,200 winners. Harold Miller, later general manager of station ‘WGAL’ in Lancaster, was the first host. A later host was York’s well known George Trout.”

And regarding the company’s employees, Marshall said, “I would like to elaborate on Mr. Bosserman’s kind remarks.” (You can see those here.) Marshall continues, “We were proud of our good value clothing but without our store family of friendly and courteous employees who were with us for years, we would not have been successful. These are approximate years of service:
– Teet Crimmins – 45 years
– Mrs. Jackie Husson – 41 years
– Ernie Glatfelter – 40 years
– Dan Fulks – 40 years
– Paul Kitzmiller and Floyd Flinchbaugh started in the mid 1930s
– Melvin Bond, Edgar Eberly, Miriam Beck and Gale Flinchbaugh started working in the early 1950s
– Bob Heiner, who is the owner of Bob’s Tailor Shop is the last of the family still working.”

And, Marshall concludes, “In discussing the Gregory’s store history, I must include our good friend and former customer Gordon Freireich, who was most kind in his articles.” Marshall included copies of some of Gordon’s past columns about Gregory’s; you can see them in PDF format here.

“Thanks again for your interest in our ‘family’,” he wrote. Marshall, the pleasure is all mine and thank YOU for your detailed response!

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