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Even more about Gregory’s menswear store

The last time we talked about Gregory’s, I left you with an unanswered question about the theme song to the “Gregory Gift Program” on the radio, asked by Jim Knaub.

Of course, though, it didn’t stay unanswered for long!

Gregory's Menswear storefrontTerry Downs says, “Gregory’s was a tad before my time for dress, but remember that each Christmas they would put a Gift Certificate into a glass ornament ball with ‘Gregory’s’ name in applied glitter on the ball, the little box holding the ball was printed with ‘It Came From Gregory’s’. When WORK 1350 AM Radio was on, the 9 a.m. hour was sponsored by Gregory’s Men’s Wear … as Doc Daugherty would report/announce. My Father had bought there and wish I still had the hat box (and the hat!!) which held a Stetson Hamburg style hat he wore & purchased there! Also this location was the home of Casmir Pulaski, whose logo of ‘The Little General’ was used in York City correspondence during the Charles Robertson Administration (a metal cutout is atop the Rex/Laurel Fire Station of the Little General).”

John Loeper, one of my resident radio experts, who worked at WORK, writes: “The answer to Jim Knaub’s question about the theme song for the ‘Gregory Gift Program’ on WORK radio was a tune called ‘Take It Easy’ by Bob Crosby (Bing’s brother) and his Bobcats. That show as originally on around 6pm in the evening in the 1950s and was hosted by George Trout. It was revived in 1968 and was on at 7:45 in the morning and was hosted by me.” John points out a time discrepancy too; he says, “Terry Downs seems to have the ‘Gift program’ confused with another WORK mainstay that was called ‘Good Morning Neighbor.’ That show was on from 9 to 11am weekdays. It was hosted for many hears by Mr. Trout and was hosted in later years by Al Gregson, although I did fill in for him from time to time. To my knowledge, Doc Daughterty never hosted Good Morning Neighbor but he did come on every morning at 11, right after that show. It’s nice to know that there are still some people who remember the old 1350 am , W O R K radio (York’s first radio station).”

I knew that some of my readers could bring clarity to that, and John, you never disappoint. Thank you so much!

One other note about Gregory’s came from Nancy J. Foust Wagner. Nancy and I were actually in touch because she was submitting a news release about an event at her church. But she recognized my name and made one addition.

She writes, “I had to laugh when I was reading about Gregory’s the other week. Gregory’s always ran big sales in August and my father’s birthday was in August. Every year my Mother would bemoan the fact that he had gone to Gregory’s and bought himself all he needed before we had had a chance to celebrate his birthday. She never knew what to buy him since he had already outfitted himself.”

Oh! That’s just like my husband. Our anniversary is today (happy six years, Christopher!) and of course I had no idea what to get him. Glad I’m not alone!

Thanks to everyone for all these Gregory’s memories. They’re a lot of fun!

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