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Even memories of work can be fun!

There’s a lot about this blog that I enjoy. But I think one of my favorite things is when I hear from commenters, especially newer readers, who found something on Only in York County that really jogged their memories.

Case in point, two local “business”-type memories I received on posts last year.

First, when I posted Dianne’s photo of Acme Wagon Works/American Acme in Emigsville, I heard from Richard, who writes:

“I used to work at American Acme Company in Emigsville. (I am now 69 years old). I cannot recall the exact years I was there but I think it was in the mid 1950’s. I worked on the sled assembly line and using a rivet gun to assemble the metal runners to the wooden frame. I still have the special hammer that I used in this function. After the sled was painted and completely assembled they were hung on an overhead conveyor line that wound it’s way through the plant as they were dipped in a huge tank of lacquer then left to dry, packaged up and sent off to the stores, ready for maybe even your child or grandchild to sled down a waiting hillside covered with snow.”

And, on another of Dianne’s photos, this time of Dentsply’s offices, commenter Bridget wrote, “My grandmother, Sara Zinn Adams, worked as a ‘fore-lady’ at the Dental Supply Company during the Depression and through the 1950’s. She supervised the women who pinned the teeth into the gum frames. She once brought home a tiny set of false teeth ‘for babies who are born without teeth.’ They were miniscule … and absolutely perfect!”

Thank you so much for sharing those memories. They’re exactly the kinds of stories that really are “Only in York County!”

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